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Dr. Josh Werber and Dr. Karen Haunss

Nasal Polyps

Q & A

What are nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are benign, grape like growths that form from the lining of the sinuses and nasal cavity.

What causes nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps result from chronic inflammation, frequently associated with asthma, allergies, and recurring sinus infections.

What are the symptoms of nasal polyps?

Symptoms include nasal congestion, facial pressure, reduced sense of smell, facial pressure, runny nose, and postnasal drip.

How are nasal polyps treated?

Oral steroids, like prednisone, are the mainstay of treatment. Topical nasal sprays are used to prevent further growth and recurrence of nasal polyps. In some cases, surgery is necessary to remove the polyps.

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