Much is lost with hearing loss

Hearing loss is very common, especially among older adults. Between 30 million and 48 million Americans have hearing loss that significantly impacts the quality of their lives. One in three of those older than age 60 is affected by hearing loss. Many people who have hearing loss are unaware of the loss, or do not accept the fact that they have hearing loss.

Hearing loss contributes to cognitive decline, and results in social isolation. Because they cannot hear what is being said, people become more anxious and paranoid. Work-place performance is diminished, and interactions with family and friends are stunted.

Fortunately, hearing loss is easy to diagnose and treat. Most hearing loss amongst older adults is caused by gradual neuronal loss, similar to the aging process associated with vision. Evaluation of hearing begins with an examination of the ears to diagnose and treat and condition which may affect transmission of sound to the inner ear. Wax(cerumen) impaction is common, and should be cleared before testing commences. Hearing loss is diagnosed with an audiologic evaluation which takes about 10-15 minutes.

Treatment for most cases of hearing loss is with hearing aids. There are many different types of aids available, in a variety of sizes, and with increasingly sophisticated capabilities, such as control using an iPhone. Some hearing aids are completely invisible. In New York State there is a law that allows for a 45 day trial of hearing aids, with a full refund if they are returned.

If you have symptoms of hearing loss, or are an adult over the age of 60 who has not had their hearing checked in several years, make an appointment to see the hearing specialists at Great Neck ENT.

Drs. Werber and Haunss will diagnose and treat your hearing loss with caring and professionalism.

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